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What appeals does the local court hear?

Appeals against RMS licence decisions

The New South Wales Local Court determines some appeals such as appeals against decisions of Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) related to drivers licences. These appeals are made by an application to the Local Court on the relevant form.

Appeals against Local Court decisions

The Local Court also determine appeals against its own decisions when a person is convicted and sentenced in their absence. This is called a Section 4 Review or an Application for Annulment.

A magistrate of the Local Court can also review a decision of a registrar, such as decisions in Notices of Motion, however, a magistrate cannot review a decision of an assessor.

Where are appeals against Local Court decisions heard?

Find more information here about appeals against Local Court decisions.

Appeals against decisions of arbitrators

Where a civil case has been referred to an arbitrator and an award is made, appeal against the arbitrator's decision can be made to the Local Court. A magistrate can re-determine the case. This is called an application for a rehearing of an arbitration which is made by filing a notice of motion. There are time limits for filing an application for re-hearing and fees apply. You should get legal advice if you are considering an application for re-hearing.

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10 Jul 2023

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