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Traffic offender intervention program

The Traffic Offender Intervention Program (TOIP) is a local-court based program targeting offenders who have pleaded guilty to, or been found guilty of, a traffic offence.

The goal of the program is to provide offenders with the information and skills necessary to develop positive attitudes towards driving and develop safer driving behaviours.

Who can participate in TOIP?

  • TOIP is targeted towards those of legal driving age who have pleaded guilty to, or been found guilty of, a traffic offence
  • A person's legal representative as well as the magistrate can make an order for a person to participate in the traffic course.

Where and how to enrol in TOIP

  • TOIP is a paid course. There is a small fee to undertake the program, which is determined by the service provider at each location.
  • Approved TOIP providers should consider waiving or reducing the fee in circumstances of financial disadvantage.
  • Any person interested in participating should contact their nearest
    course provider for more information regarding course schedules,
    content, and fees.
  • Service providers and locations across NSW are available here (XLSX, 29.3 KB).

How is the program delivered?
  • TOIP is delivered by facilitators, in person and online using PowerPoint
    slides containing information such as key facts and statistics, current road safety campaigns, behavioural strategies, and key messages.
  • A participant is required to pay a small fee to the service provider to
    undertake the course.

What are a participant's responsibilities in the TOIP program?

Prior to the beginning of the course a participant must provide identification details, the nature of the offence/s and all court related information. A participant is required to actively participate in the course.

Course requirements:

  • At a minimum, an approved TOIP course must be delivered on two
    separate days over two weeks, and the participant must complete all
    sessions. This allows time for participants to consolidate information 
    and self-reflect which is important for behaviour change.
  • Individual sessions must run for a minimum of one hour and a
    maximum of two hours.
  • Participants will need to attend the course, engage with the program to
    successfully complete the program.
  • Exemptions may be granted for remote locations only if appropriate
    homework task/reflections exercises are provided to participate before
    and /or after the session.

What happens when the participants complete the program?

Approved TOIP providers are encouraged to issue a Certificate of Completion to all participants who achieve satisfactory attendance, to recognise their achievement in completing the program.

Contact us: 

For all enquiries about TOIP, please write to the TOIP mailbox at toip@justice.nsw.gov.au

Existing service providers and service providers wishing to enrol as TOIP providers are requested to write to the TOIP mailbox at toip@justice.nsw.gov.au


Last updated:

04 Mar 2024

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