Note: This list does not contain all the forms used in civil proceedings. For a list of all forms used in civil proceedings, go to the UCPR Forms website

Criminal cases

Forms to commence proceedings

Court Attendance Notice - Adult (PDF , 49.2 KB) 
Court Attendance Notice - Adult (DOC , 58.0 KB)
Court attendance notice - Adult File online

Court Attendance Notice - Juvenile (PDF , 65.3 KB)
Court Attendance Notice - Juvenile (DOC , 58.0 KB)

Sample forms for Federal Proceedings (from NCAT)

A person that has made application or appeal to NCAT and the Tribunal has declined to determine the proceedings as it seeks to invoke federal jurisdiction can seek leave to apply to a court. Below are sample forms that contain the information required by the court.

Sample form - Summons seeking leave (DOC , 75.0 KB)

Sample form - Affidavit in support (of summons seeking leave) (DOC , 58.0 KB)

Payment of fines

Application for Time to Pay a court fine (PDF , 94.9 KB)
Application for Time to Pay a court fine (DOC , 46.0 KB)

Pay your penalty Pay online

Application to Pay Court Fine by Centrepay deductions (Must be in receipt of Centrelink benefit) Payments are made to Revenue NSW.

File forms online

To find which forms are available online and how to submit them, check Available forms on the Online Registry.

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