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Support for witnesses and victims of crime

These are some of the support services available for witnesses.

Victims Services

Victims Services can help victims of a violent crime to access counselling, financial support and a recognition payment. 

For further information, visit the Victims Services website. 

The Charter of Victims Rights sets out how victims are to be treated in NSW. 

You can read the full Charter and find further information on the Victims Services website.

Witness Assistance Service

Witness Assistance Service (WAS) is a New South Wales service for witnesses and victims of crime appearing in court cases prosecuted by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP).

WAS provides information about:

  • what to expect at court
  • your rights and entitlements, such as victims compensation
  • the stage your case is at in the court system
  • other services and supports that are available to you.

Preparing a witness statement

If you need to write a witness statement, LawAssist NSW has instructions for preparing witness statements and samples of completed statements.

Telephone LawAccess NSW at 1300 888 529.

Remote witness facilities

Remote witness facilities allow vulnerable witnesses, such as children or victims of sexual assault, to give evidence from a room that is separate from the courtroom.

If you have concerns about giving evidence in a courtroom, speak to the prosecutor or your solicitor about making a request to use remote witness facilities.

Last updated:

21 Jul 2023

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