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Court lists

Use the court lists to find the time and place of a court appearance, or to find out what is happening in the courtrooms on a particular date. View and confirm listing information about specific cases currently before the court.

You can check the information contained in the court lists in different ways.

Search for a listing using the interactive court list

NSW Online Registry

The interactive court list, at the NSW Online Registry, allows you to search for a particular case by name, case number, location, date, jurisdiction, title of presiding officer and type of listing (for example, directions, hearing, judgment and so on). You can search for cases listed up to two weeks in advance, and for previous listings that have occurred in the last seven days. The online court list is updated several times a day.

Court locations

Go to Court locations and contact details.

Chief Industrial Magistrate's Court

To search for Chief Industrial Magistrate's Court cases use the interactive court list. The chief industrial magistrate's court matters are incorporated into the Downing Centre Local Court list. Type 'downing centre' as the location for your search.

Listing and sitting arrangements

Go to listing and sitting arrangements found on the Contact Us Page to find out when the court sits at a particular location.

Last updated:

29 May 2023

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