Local Court New South Wales

Specialist jurisdictions

There are a number of specialist jurisdictions to hear specific cases. 

Children's Court

The Children's Court is a specialist court that determines criminal cases concerning children and young people, as well as matters relating to the care and protection of children and young people in New South Wales (NSW).

More information is available on the Children's Court website.

Coronial jurisdiction

The State Coroner is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all coronial services in NSW. A death is reportable to a coroner if the person died:

  • a violent or unnatural death
  • a sudden death where the cause is unknown
  • under suspicious or unusual circumstances
  • in circumstances where the person had not been attended by a medical practitioner during the period of six months immediately before the person's death
  • in circumstances where the person's death was not the reasonably expected outcome of a health-related procedure carried out in relation to the person while in or temporarily absent from a declared mental health facility.

All NSW magistrates are coroners and have jurisdiction to conduct an inquest.

More information is available on the Coroners Court website.

Industrial jurisdiction

Industrial magistrates may exercise civil and criminal jurisdiction under a broad range of state and commonwealth legislation. The industrial jurisdiction deals with such matters as:

  • recovery of money owing under Industrial Instruments, for example Awards, Enterprise Agreements and Statutory Entitlements
  • prosecutions for breach of industrial instruments
  • appeals from various administrative decisions
  • prosecutions for statutory breaches.
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25 Jun 2020

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