Local Court New South Wales

Chief Magistrate and other judicial officers

The Chief Magistrate is the principal judicial officer of the New South Wales Local Court and is appointed by the Governor of New South Wales pursuant to the Local Court Act 2007. The Chief Magistrate is His Honour Judge Peter Johnstone. The Chief Magistrate is supported by an executive office to monitor the workload of the local court, allocate judicial resources and to schedule court sittings at locations throughout NSW.

Chief Magistrate's Executive Office

New South Wales Local Court has the largest number of judicial officers in a summary jurisdiction in Australia. Under the direction of the Chief Magistrate, the staff of the executive office provide statewide administrative support to 140 magistrates (130 full time magistrates and ten part time magistrates).

One of the primary functions of the executive office is to assist the Chief Magistrate in organising and managing the sittings of the Local Court throughout New South Wales.

The Executive Office is responsible for the publication of sittings schedules, rosters, Chief Magistrate's circulars, local court Practice Directions/Notes, listing of cases and collation of statistical information. The executive office co-ordinates magistrate's travel across the state to ensure requirements for sittings are met and co-ordinate magistrates attendance at various conferences throughout the year.

Under the supervision of the Chief Magistrate and Deputy Chief Magistrates, the executive office is responsible for the day to day listing management and co-ordination of the Downing Centre and Central Local Courts.

The executive office also facilitates strategic and effective working relationships with clients and stakeholders and provides research and project support as required by the Chief Magistrate.

Contact the Chief Magistrates Office

Postal Address:


Street Address:

Level 5, Downing Centre
143-147 Liverpool St, SYDNEY NSW 2000 
Email: cmo@justice.nsw.gov.au

Complaints about judicial officers

Magistrates of  NSW are independent judicial officers and the chief magistrate has no supervisory function of magistrates in the exercise of their judicial powers.

The Judicial Commission of  NSW deals with complaints against judicial officers. Contact the Judicial Commission of  NSW for advice about their complaints-handling role and the complaints process.

The address of the Commission is Level 5, 301 George Street, Sydney, 2000. Telephone 02 9299 4421.

Chief Magistrate

His Honour Judge P Johnstone, Chief Magistrate

Deputy Chief Magistrates

Her Honour Deputy Chief Magistrate S Freund
His Honour Deputy Chief Magistrate T Tsavdaridis 

State Coroner of NSW

State Coroner Her Honour Magistrate T O'Sullivan.


  • His Honour Magistrate I Abdul-Karim
  • His Honour Magistrate J Arms
  • Her Honour Magistrate J Atkinson
  • His Honour Magistrate R Attia
  • Her Honour Magistrate J Baptie, Deputy State Coroner
  • His Honour Magistrate M Barko
  • His Honour Magistrate S Barlow
  • His Honour Magistrate P Barnett, SC 
  • His Honour Magistrate G Bartley
  • Her Honour Magistrate G Beattie, Deputy State Coroner
  • Her Honour Magistrate J Boulos
  • His Honour Magistrate R Brender
  • His Honour Magistrate G Breton
  • His Honour Magistrate P Bugden
  • Her Honour Magistrate J Carney
  • His Honour Magistrate I Cheetham
  • His Honour Magistrate J Chicken
  • Her Honour Magistrate B Chisholm
  • His Honour Magistrate G Christofi
  • His Honour Magistrate R Clisdell, Deputy State Coroner
  • His Honour Magistrate S Corry
  • His Honour Magistrate D Covington
  • Her Honour Magistrate S Crews
  • Her Honour Magistrate K Crittenden
  • Her Honour Magistrate J Crofts
  • His Honour Magistrate M Crompton
  • Her Honour Magistrate R Daher
  • His Honour Magistrate M Dakin
  • Her Honour Magistrate G Darcy
  • His Honour Magistrate D Day
  • His Honour Magistrate D Degnan
  • Her Honour Magistrate R Denes
  • His Honour Magistrate S Devine
  • His Honour Magistrate D Dick
  • His Honour Magistrate H Donnelly
  • His Honour Magistrate M Douglass
  • Her Honour Magistrate S Duncombe
  • His Honour Magistrate G Dunlevy
  • His Honour Magistrate A Eckhold
  • His Honour Magistrate G Elks
  • Her Honour Magistrate E Ellis
  • Her Honour Magistrate C Farnan
  • His Honour Magistrate P Feather
  • Her Honour Magistrate Dr G Fleming
  • Her Honour Magistrate C Follent
  • Her Honour Magistrate C Forbes, Deputy State Coroner
  • Her Honour Magistrate N Ford
  • His Honour Magistrate C Franklin, Deputy State Coroner
  • His Honour Magistrate R Funston
  • His Honour Magistrate J Gibson
  • Her Honour Magistrate J Giles
  • Her Honour Magistrate C Girotto
  • Her Honour Magistrate H Grahame, Deputy State Coroner
  • Her Honour Magistrate M Greenwood
  • His Honour Magistrate G Grogin
  • His Honour Magistrate C Halburd
  • Her Honour Magistrate T Hamilton
  • Her Honour Magistrate C Haskett
  • Her Honour Magistrate A Hawkins
  • His Honour Magistrate P Hayes
  • His Honour Magistrate S Herridge
  • Her Honour Magistrate M Heywood
  • His Honour Magistrate K Hockey
  • Her Honour Magistrate K Hopgood
  • Her Honour Magistrate S Horan
  • Her Honour Magistrate R Hosking
  • Her Honour Magistrate J Huber
  • His Honour Magistrate R Hudson
  • His Honour Magistrate S Hughes
  • Her Honour Magistrate M Humphreys
  • Her Honour Magistrate H Kemp
  • Her Honour Magistrate E Kennedy, Deputy State Coroner
  • His Honour Magistrate T Khan
  • His Honour Magistrate T Khoo
  • Her Honour Magistrate J Kiely 
  • Her Honour Magistrate J Lacy
  • His Honour Magistrate D Lee, Deputy State Coroner
  • His Honour Magistrate M Love
  • Her Honour Magistrate D Maher
  • His Honour Magistrate M Maher
  • His Honour Magistrate R Maiden
  • Her Honour Magistrate E Manea
  • His Honour Magistrate S McAnulty
  • Her Honour Magistrate F McCarron
  • Her Honour Magistrate M McGlynn
  • Her Honour Magistrate S McGowan
  • Her Honour Magistrate S McIntyre
  • Her Honour Magistrate S McLaughlin
  • His Honour Magistrate D McLennan
  • Her Honour Magistrate L McManus
  • His Honour Magistrate A Mijovich
  • Her Honour Magistrate J Milledge
  • His Honour Magistrate A Miller
  • Her Honour Magistrate M Moody
  • His Honour Magistrate G Moore
  • His Honour Magistrate R Munro
  • His Honour Magistrate S Nash
  • His Honour Magistrate M O'Brien
  • His Honour Magistrate S Olischlager
  • His Honour Magistrate D O'Neil, Deputy State Coroner
  • His Honour Magistrate M Ong
  • His Honour Magistrate J Peach
  • Her Honour Magistrate K Pearce
  • Her Honour Magistrate K Perry
  • His Honour Magistrate D Price 
  • Her Honour Magistrate K J Price
  • His Honour Magistrate R Prowse
  • Her Honour Magistrate M Quinn, PSM
  • His Honour Magistrate D Reiss
  • His Honour Magistrate M Richardson
  • Her Honour Magistrate R Richardson
  • Her Honour Magistrate L Robertson
  • Her Honour Magistrate L Robinson
  • His Honour Magistrate I Rodgers
  • Her Honour Magistrate E Ryan, Deputy State Coroner
  • Her Honour Magistrate C Samuels
  • His Honour Magistrate A Sbrizzi
  • Her Honour Magistrate T Sheedy
  • His Honour Magistrate B Shields
  • Her Honour Magistrate T Sia
  • Her Honour Magistrate G Slack-Smith
  • Her Honour Magistrate J Soars
  • Her Honour Magistrate K Stafford
  • Her Honour Magistrate L Stapleton
  • His Honour Magistrate P Stewart
  • His Honour Magistrate R Stone
  • Her Honour Magistrate V Swain
  • His Honour Magistrate A Tang
  • Her Honour Magistrate C Tawagi
  • His Honour Magistrate B Thomas
  • Her Honour Magistrate K Thompson
  • His Honour Magistrate P Thompson
  • Her Honour Magistrate F Toose
  • Her Honour Magistrate G Towney
  • Her Honour Magistrate J Trad
  • Her Honour Magistrate E Truscott
  • His Honour Magistrate B van Zuylen
  • Her Honour Magistrate A Viney
  • His Honour Magistrate J Viney
  • Her Honour Magistrate L Viney
  • Her Honour Magistrate J Virgo
  • His Honour Magistrate G Walsh
  • His Honour Magistrate M Whelan
  • His Honour Magistrate D Williams
  • His Honour Magistrate R Williams
  • His Honour Magistrate G Wilson
  • Her Honour Magistrate P Wright
  • Her Honour Magistrate J Zaki
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08 Mar 2024

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